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Corrective Clubfoot Surgery In India From Best Pediatric Surgeon

Clubfoot is described as an inherited foot deformity affecting the shape or position of one or both feet. Clubfoot is one of the most common leg disorders children are born with. Clubfoot is described as an inherited foot deformity affecting the shape or position of one or both feet. It is also called as talipes or congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV). Clubfoot is a foot abnormality in which the foot is twisted inward with the toes pointing downwards. The foot affected due to clubfoot looks like the end of a golf stick and hence the name.


How Does Clubfoot Condition Occur?

  • Deformity of the tendons and ligaments of the foot which causes an abnormal structure and position of the foot.
  • Unusual bones or Bone deformity in terms of shape, size, or position result in clubfoot.
  • A mother smoking during pregnancy.
  • Irregular positioning of the baby during pregnancy inside the uterus. But this is not usually considered a ‘true’ cause for club foot.
  • Spinal abnormalitieslike spina bifida or other neuromuscular diseases.


Clubfoot Treatment

Pediatric orthopedists usually treat clubfoot condition through 3 methods - Ponseti casting method, French functional (physical therapy) method and surgical correction

A newbornhaving clubfoot is first treated with a cast to stretch the foot into a more normal position.

  • A new cast will be placed every week so the foot can be stretched into position.
  • Cast changes continue for about 2 months. After casting, the child wears a brace for several years.

Clubfoot repair surgery may be required if:

  • The cast or other treatments do not fully correct the problem.
  • Reoccurrence of clubfoot condition.

Older children or adults may require a surgery if:

  • A clubfoot condition was never treated before.
  • They are still suffering from foot problems after treatment.


Risks associated with Corrective measures to Treat Clubfoot are

  • Breathing difficulty
  • Anesthesia reactions
  • Medication reactions
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Damage to foot nerves
  • Foot swelling
  • Difficulties with blood flow to the foot
  • Wound healing complications

Expected Results

After recovering from clubfoot surgery, your child's foot will seem to be in a much better position. Your child will be able to walk normally, be active, and will also be able to play sports easily. But you need to know that the foot operated may be stiffer than the other foot that has not been operated. In most clubfoot surgery cases, the child's foot and calf affected by clubfoot will be smaller than the other leg for the rest of the child's life. Children undergoing clubfoot surgery may require another surgery later in life.

Corrective Clubfoot Surgery in India with IndianMedTrip

India is an excellent medical tourismdestination for availing a wide range of reasonable medicaltreatments including congenital disorders like clubfoot & other pediatric treatments. Pediatric orthopedic experts in India are renowned &are some of the best known globally. IndianMedTrip is one of the leading medical tourism companies offering high-quality medical treatments at lowest costs compared to availability of similar treatments across the globe. IndianMedTrip is associated with top physicians &surgeons associated with the most advanced hospitalsin the country. IndianMedTrip services include providing assistance in obtaining medical visa, warm greeting on arrival, appropriate travel &relaxed accommodation, schedule treatment without any waiting, recovery & affectionate farewell on successful completion of the treatment.  IndianMedTrip understand the requirements of all kinds of international patients seeking medical treatments in India and design medical packages accordingly.

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